The Pulsar Mentoring Programme

We will be launching the first round of the Pulsar Mentoring Programme on 31 October 2022.

Our goal is to help more women and gender minority groups flourish in their careers through our mentoring programme, this will inspire and assist them to advance their careers through the application of DS and AI in their professional lives.

The Pulsar mentoring is a nine-month programme aimed at women and gender minority groups with a desire to enter the rapidly expanding world of data.

• We pair mentors and mentees across data driven industries and professions.

• Our candidates get the free access to the Quantargo interactive online data science courses

This initiative feeds into Sister Analyst’s wider objectives to empower women and gender minority groups through the practice and application of DS and AI.

Why Pulsar?

Data, the LifeBlood of our new global life system, is a key resource in addressing the big global challenges of today.

Now, more than ever, data literacy should be treated as a crucial skill for pretty much everyone. This is why we have partnered with Quantargo for the Pulsar Mentoring Programme to offer our candidates free access to interactive online data science courses.

The programme is inclusive and is designed for people at all walks of life and stages of their careers, regardless of technical acumen, to become more data-skilled. By empowering people to become more data capable we can deliver greater innovation, transparency, stability in market behaviour and improved social outcomes.

View the Pulsar mentoring guide for more details on what the programme entails.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in joining the network or signing up as a mentor or mentee, please fill the appropriate form:

or alternatively, get in touch and contact Sister Analyst at for more information.